About the Artist

Judy Caldwell


Female Kestrel – Desert Princess

Judy is a native Oregonian who grew up with a great love of animals and the wilderness. She lives in Mulino, Oregon with her husband Dick on nearly thirty-four timbered acres where abundant wildlife serves as inspiration for her art work. She has been involved with art and many diverse mediums since childhood. It was in the early 1990s that Judy was first exposed to the beauty and warmth of wood sculpture. After trying many different materials, Judy feels that wood is the perfect medium to translate a warm, life like quality to each of her pieces. She thinks that wood has the ability to give her art work depth and richness.

Judy has designated highly realistic sculpture as her method of interpreting her love of all wildlife, mammals and most recently birds of prey. Judy has competed in numerous Northwest carving shows and has won many honors. One of her proudest moments was “Best of Show” at the 2007 Columbia Flyway Show, where the best of the best compete each year. “What a tribute to compete with, and be judged by the foremost in wildlife art.”

Artist Statement

It is my hope that through my wood carving I can demonstrate to the public the wonderment and beauty of our abundant wildlife, and the responsibility we all have to provide and protect the habitat necessary to insure the survival of all species.

From the Coast Carvers Artistry in Wood 2016 Show